VisitLEX - Lexington Visitors Center

The VisitLEX visitor center promotes the many experience opportunities available in Lexington, Kentucky, and the surrounding region. With VisitLEX’s move to a new space at the historic Fayette County Courthouse, President Mary Quinn Ramer and her staff had a clear vision of a more innovative, dynamic visitor center that better reflected their strong brand—warm, friendly, sophisticated, slightly irreverent.

Our design creatively brings their brand to life in a storytelling space populated by carefully crafted language and imagery, interwoven with retail. We innovatively use media for both storytelling and marketing purposes. A giant wall of monitors shows gorgeous, compelling footage of horses, bourbon and other aspects of Lexington culture. Tablets operated with a swipe reveal fun facts about Lexington, each sequence ending with a prompt to talk to VisitLEX staff to learn more about that particular topic. A “Greetings from VisitLEX” interactive allows visitors to design and send a digital postcard with Lexington scenes; the fun process captures visitors’ emails for informational and marketing purposes.

The result? The attractive, engaging VisitLEX Visitor Center not only promotes Lexington experience opportunities—it is a must-see destination itself.

“They've got an incredible level of professionalism. Their creativity has proven true in this build out. I have really appreciated the accessibility and responsiveness.”

Mary Quinn Ramer
President, VisitLEX