Tennessee State Museum

Ratified! Tennessee Women and the Right to Vote

Numerous leaders, decades of work, coming down to one vote that could transform the nation in 1920. Ratified! Tennessee Women and the Right to Vote is a comprehensive museum exhibit celebrating the centennial of the historic ratification of the 19th Amendment–guaranteeing women the right to vote. Completing a long and difficult movement for women’s suffrage, the deciding vote to ratify the amendment occurred at the most critical moment in Nashville, Tennessee.

Solid Light’s collaboration with the Tennessee State Museum took a story-focused approach in crafting a holistic experience that features big, bold text and mural-size portraits of various heroes of the movement. Showcasing their courage and strength, the gallery space details the rich history of women’s activism during the movement through multiple and diverse voices and experiences. Visitors can move through two large galleries and explore artifacts, documents, interactive elements and watch key clips from the Nashville Public Television’s documentary By One Vote: Woman Suffrage in the South.

Working closely with the Museum, Solid Light formed a collaborative design partnership; producing an engaging visitor experience that explored new concepts, designs, and structures. The Solid Light team worked jointly with the Tennessee State Museum to ensure the compelling design concept capitalized on their extensive and detailed research to develop an emotionally connected narrative throughout the exhibit. 

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