Kentucky High School Basketball Hall of Fame

Designed and fabricated by Solid Light, the Kentucky High School Basketball Hall of Fame conveys the excitement and history of the state’s favorite sport in sight, sound, and action.

A thrilling video captures the intensity of Kentucky’s class-less Sweet 16 Tournament – where tiny rural schools can battle giant urban ones. Audioscapes transport listeners to “Friday Night in Kentucky.”

Eye-catching graphics and captivating stories of teams and individual players draw the visitor through a century of hoops competition in the state. Visitors feel part of the action as they move around on a floor resembling a basketball court and try to match the high vertical jump of the best players.

Throughout the exhibit, basketballs serve as dimensional props. Solid Light’s challenge was to make even basketballs cut in half appear and feel like fully inflated basketballs to the touch of visitors. Fabricators jigged six basketballs, filled them with different liquid foams, and threw them against floors and walls for a few days before finding a foam that would not collapse.

“The quality of the exhibits and the multi-media components are as good as anything you’d find in New York or Chicago.”

Joseph Grove, Chief Operating Officer
Kentucky High School Basketball Hall of Fame