Heaven Hill Distillery Visitors Center Expansion

In 2004, Solid Light designed one of the first distillery experiences in Kentucky, the Bourbon Heritage Center, for Heaven Hill Distillery. In 2019, in a multi-million-dollar project, Solid Light will double the size of the Heaven Hill Distillery Visitors Center, creating a new immersive, state-of-the-art experience with both guided and unguided options.

Visitors will explore the stories of the Heaven Hill company, the founding Shapira family, and the history of Bourbon through the Elijah Craig and Larceny brands. The expanded Visitors Center will feature new and enhanced tasting rooms and retail space, a rooftop bar with scenic views of the Heaven Hill campus, and space for special events. 

Read about the project in The Architects Newspaper

“Through innovative design and state-of-the-art experiences, Bourbon fans from across the world will be delighted to taste, learn, and do Bourbon in new ways.”

Max Shapira
President, Heaven Hill