Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center

Solid Light’s re-imagining of the Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center in Clarksville, Indiana, brings 390 million years of history alive for children and adults, igniting a life-long passion that transforms them into stewards of this remarkable site. The science and cultural history museum is located on 200 acres of the world’s largest, most accessible Devonian fossil beds—ancient marine mammals, far older than the dinosaurs—as well as the starting point of Lewis and Clark’s famous expedition.

Given the Interpretive Center’s interest in attracting school groups, Solid Light’s design made the experience more hands-on, with more focused and expanded use of immersive media, diverse learning activities for visitors of all ages, and expanded use of artifact collections. All visitors come to understand that they, too, are part of this ongoing history and can add to the legacy of the Falls of the Ohio.

Continue below to view the new 12-minute orientation film for the Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center that uses computer-generated imagery and reenactments to plunge visitors into key moments of the Falls’ history—the formation of the Earth, ancient sea life, the convergence of the native peoples and the first settlers.

“They are very artistic, have good vision and ideas.”

Vicki Basman
Chief of Interpretation, Indiana Department of Natural Resources