African American Heritage Trail Signs

The vision of Together Lexington, a group of business and community leaders in Lexington, Kentucky: Create a self-guided African American Heritage Trail, with signs highlighting noteworthy black citizens, events and locations that were previously overlooked or forgotten.

We understand the social significance of the Lexington African American Heritage Trail and were determined to get it right. Working closely with EHI Consultants, community members, and scholars, we designed the 12 signs that tell the story of men and women throughout history who shaped the community of Lexington we know today. A Together Lexington steering committee provided the initial content, which we further researched and then crafted into compelling narratives. Careful selection of historic images and interpretive graphics helped bring to vivid life the rich history of African Americans in Lexington, from lunch counter sit-ins to a former slave who became president of Liberia. The more painful aspects of the city’s racial history, such as slave jails and Jim Crow laws, are remembered as well. We created prototypes to test colors, readability, and overall impact, and we visited the proposed locations to get a feel for how those walking the Heritage Trail as well as passers-by would interact with the signs.

The result? An engaging, inspiring walk that celebrates those who championed equality, and ensures the lessons of the past will not be forgotten. Visitors leave the signs with a deeper, richer understanding of the struggles and triumphs of African Americans in Lexington.  

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“It's important that the full story of Lexington is told.”

Rufus Friday
President and Publisher, Lexington Herald Leader