"When you need imagination, good taste, and a wow, Solid Light is the first name that pops up!"


We haven’t come this far by sticking to the
beaten path.

When Cynthia Torp started this company in 1999, the goal was simple. Do superior work. Become expert. It hasn’t always been easy, but that goal has been our standard.

For the past decade, we’ve immersed ourselves in our passion and learned on our feet. We’ve taken liberties. Stretched visions beyond the limits of conventional or commonplace design.

And today, we can say that we’ve become expert. Without doubt, we do superior, award-winning work. We’ve achieved our success by giving our clients what they want and what they need.

That’s what you get in Solid Light: a team of dedicated creators who guarantee that your visitors will remember the experiences we’ve made for them, long after they’ve gone home.