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"Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage" Media Interactive
Lucy Higgs Nichols - Exhibit Gallery
Lucy Higgs Nichols - Exhibit Gallery
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Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage reveals the dramatic story of the Underground Railroad in Louisville, Kentucky and New Albany, Indiana, as told by some of the heroic people who risked their lives to help escaping African American slaves find freedom.

Artifacts like prison shackles, authentic slave freedom papers and bills-of-sale, and an iron jail-cell door provide gritty texture to their harrowing story. An interactive DVD allows visitors to explore historical overviews, accounts by New Albany residents of the period, and original recordings of coded African American spirituals that conveyed messages to guide escaping slaves on their quest for freedom.
Remembered: The Life of Lucy Higgs Nichols
In 2011, Solid Light designed a new permanent addition to Ordinary People—this time based on the life of Lucy Nichols, a slave who fled her captors and came to serve as a nurse during some of the Civil War’s hardest-fought battles. The exhibit features rare slave documents and little-known facts about her harrowing escape and the special bond she formed with the men of the 23rd Indiana.

Ordinary People Network Broadcast/DVD
In 2012, the Carnegie Center and Solid Light collaborated on a 60-minute network broadcast feature based on the groundbreaking Ordinary People exhibit. The film, which debuted on the Kentucky Educational Television (KET) network, helps broaden the Center’s outreach mission and make the story accessible for those who cannot visit in person.